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Perhaps you're about to relocate to a new job, or are thinking of retiring.
Maybe the kids have moved out and now you need less space - or
you just had a baby and you need more. Whatever your circumstances,
you want the sale of your home to go as smoothly possible - and within your ideal time
frame and, of course, getting the best price possible.
Selling a home becomes easier if you have some guidelines to follow -
and John and Suellen Rennie, Prudential California Realty Sales Associates.

Working With A REALTOR

Why working with a real estate agent makes sense,
and how to choose one who's right for you.

Sure, you can do your home search by yourself. But why?
With John and Suellen Rennie and Prudential California Realty at your side, finding the
perfect home is easier, faster and a lot more fun. John and Suellen Rennie
can show you more suitable properties, offer valuable advice, and coach
you through the entire home buying process. And you'll save time. Yet many buyers
still spend endless hours pouring through classified ads, driving all over town,
and viewing dozens of unsuitable properties - simply because they haven't
connected with John and Suellen Rennie. Some people think that if they have several
agents looking for homes on their behalf, they'll find a house more quickly.
Like most relationships, the buyer-agent relationship thrives on
communication, loyalty and trust. By working exclusively with John and Suellen Rennie,
you'll improve both the process and the results.

Finding The Right REALTOR For You

Chemistry is important. So are credentials. Above all, you'll want an
experienced agent who has the resources of a leading real estate firm behind
him or her - a firm such as Prudential California Realty.

Some helpful hints on finding and working with a Realtor®:

Ask friends, family members, neighbors or co-workers for referrals.
Trust your intuition. Share with John and Suellen Rennie as much as possible about
your lifestyle, tastes, needs and dreams for your home.
Focus your search on a few geographic areas.

Plus ask John and Suellen Rennie some of the following questions:

How well do you know the area(s) that interest me?
A REALTOR who knows the area or neighborhood you are
interested in is extremely beneficial to you.

Will you handle all aspects of my transaction or will you
delegate some tasks to an Administrative Assistant?

If you choose to work with a busy agent, a knowledgeable assistant
can be very helpful when you have questions or need immediate attention.

And finally,
Ask John and Suellen Rennie for testimonials from satisfied customers.

"Curb Appeal" and Other Selling Tips.

Curb Appeal Is Essential
A mowed, trimmed lawn and weeded garden create a good first impression.
Inspect the exterior of your property: Shutters, windows, front door and steps.
If the house needs painting, buyers will notice and may consider it a
major objection to purchase.

Neatness Counts
Scrub each room thoroughly. Give special attention to the entryway,
kitchen and bathrooms. Shampoo the carpet if necessary. If carpet is worn or old,
consider replacing or removing it if hardwood floors are underneath.
And don't forget cobwebs in corners!

Eliminate Clutter
Buyers will open closets and cupboards, so make sure they're as tidy as possible.
Get rid of items you don't use. Remove unnecessary furniture to help
make each room appear more spacious.

If It's Broken, Fix It
Easily fixable items such as loose doorknobs, a broken dishwasher,
a dripping faucet, and squeaky doors all detract from your property's value.
An afternoon spent making needed repairs now can eliminate a buyer's objections later.

Small Changes Can Make A Big Impression
New towels can freshen a tired kitchen or bath. Fresh flowers add
warmth to any room. And even a fresh coat of paint doesn't cost much.

Don't Forget About Aromatherapy
Make sure your home passes the scent test. Right before an open house,
bake some cookies or bread, simmer a pot of apple cider & cinnamon
on the stove, or light a few scented candles. Strong odors could send
potential lookers running out the front door.

Accepting An Offer

What to know about accepting an offer on your home.

Someone has decided your property is just right––and makes you an offer.
When John and Suellen Rennie, your Prudential California Realty Sales Professional,
conveys the offer to you,
you'll know whether the price the buyer has suggested is fair. It may be less
than your asking price. Yet you don't have to reply immediately if you're not
certain the price and terms are acceptable.
Consider the current real estate market: Are houses in your neighborhood
selling quickly, slowly or not at all? Don't assume that one offer will lead quickly to others.
One predictable factor in the real estate market is that it's totally unpredictable.

Finding a Compromise

If you and your potential buyer are far apart, you could offer a few concessions
such as appliances or a security system, or make some improvements prior to closing.

Drawing Up a Purchase Agreement

Your purchase agreement will include:
The total price.
The amount of the down payment.
The date the closing will take place.
When completing the agreement, provide as much detail as you can
about what's being sold and what's not. The more fully you spell out the
details of the sale, the less room there is for problems later.

Most buyers insist that a provision for cancellation without penalties
is included to protect them if they're unable to get a mortgage, or the home
inspection uncovers major problems. They might also ask you to make your
sale contingent on the sale of their current home. Delays happen frequently,
so expect to do a little waiting before your agreement is finalized.


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